The Franklin County Judicial Center was opened in November of 2009. The Judicial Center now facilitates the Circuit Court, General Sessions Court, Juvenile Court, Child Support Court, Drug Court and Chancery Court of Franklin County.


The following Offices are also located in the Judicial Center:

Circuit Court Clerk’s Office
Clerk and Master Office
General Sessions Court Office
Juvenile Court Office
County Probation Office
State Probation Office
Drug Court Office

Helpful Information

Judicial Center Security:
Everyone must pass through a security checkpoint at the entrance of The Franklin County Judicial Center before entering the building.  Please be aware that knives of any kind or anything else that can be construed as a weapon will be not be allowed in the building.  Please leave all such items at home or in your vehicle.

Dress Code

Please be aware that there is a court room dress code policy, enforced by the Judicial Center Court Officers.  The following items are not allowed:

Hats, Caps, Do-Rags
Cut-Off Or Sleeveless Shirts, Halter Tops
Shorts, Loose Or Sagging Clothing
Clothing With Obscene Wording Or Gestures
Bare Mid-riffs
Holes In Pants Above The Knee


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