Driver’s License may be revoked for non-payment of court cost, fines and litigation taxes.

TCA  40-24-105

If court cost, fines and litigation taxes are not paid within one (1) year of the disposition of a criminal case, the Tennessee Department of Safety will revoke the driver’s license of the defendant until such court cost, fines and litigation taxes are paid. This applies to offenses committed on or after July 2nd, 2011.

The defendant may petition the court one-time for an order staying the revocation of the license for one hundred and eighty (180) days if the court determines that an extreme hardship exist on the defendant in regards to employment or serious illness of the defendant or an immediate family member.

A person who is unable to pay the court cost, fines and litigation taxes may also petition the court for an order setting up a payment plan. If the court approves a payment plan the order shall stay the revocation of the license, however, if a person defaults on the payment plan, the court may terminate the stay and order the revocation of the license.

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