The Franklin County Circuit Court Clerk has implemented a new software system.  The Tennessee Court Information System (TnCIS) provides clerks with an automated case management system that reduces paperwork, processes fee collections and improves record keeping and timeliness of case management.  The TnCIS system will help our office run more efficiently by eliminating redundancy in data entry.  The system is also tied to various state agencies that we are required to report information to such as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, Tennessee Department of Safety and the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts.  TnCIS will electronically and on many instances, automatically report court information to these agencies.  The system will help us to accommodate the increasing number court cases each year, while providing more uniform and accurate court data that’s more easily accessible to the public, law enforcement and other state agencies.  We will go live with the new system on April 2, 2012.

Robert Baggett

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